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Paper: Simulation assessment of Expectation-Maximization algorithm in pseudo-convex mixtures generated by the exponential distribution
Authors: Rui Santos, Miguel Felgueiras, João Martins

Paper: Acid Loss Syndrome Screening:a Protocol using Pooled Samples
Authors: João Paulo Martins, Miguel Felgueiras, Rui Santos, Manuela Amorim Bile

Paper: Gaussian Mixtures with common Variance
Authors: Miguel Felgueiras, Rui Santos, João Martins

Paper: A Class of Population Mean Estimators in Stratified Random Sampling: A Case Study on Fine Particulate Matter in the North of Thailand
Authors: Nuanpan Lawson, Natthapat Thongsak

Paper: 2-Normed Groups: Unraveling Computational Properties of 2-Norms
Authors: Alireza Pourmoslemi, Tahere Nazari, Mehdi Salimi

Paper: E-Learning Impact on Higher Education Institutions during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Bibliometric Analysis
Author: Thamer Al-Rousan

Paper: Anticancer Activity of the Thai Herbal Formula “Kerra” Versus Afatinib and Doxorubicin In Vitro
Authors: Chatchaya Nangsue, Pussadee Srathong, Kiattawee Choowongkomon, Keeratikorn Promnikorn, Chainarong Tocharus

Paper: Discrete Analogue of a Linear Differential Model with Delay of the Mach Number Dynamics and its Solution
Authors: Josef Diblik, Hana Halfarova, Jan Safarik

Paper: Theoretical Contributions Regarding the Modelling of the Superfinishing Process
Authors: Badea Lepadatescu, Flavia Fechete

Paper: Design space exploration in hybrid control with RRT* and combined Artificial Potential Field methods for UAV obstacle avoidance
Authors: Georgios Giouvanis, Nikolaos Papadimitriou, Christos Nasoulis, Panagiotis Symeonidis Dimitrios Giakoumis, Dimosthenis Ioannidis, Dimitrios Tzovaras

Paper: Creating New Realities: The Power of Generative AI
Authors: Ahmed Al-Dahoud , Mohamed Fezari , Ali-Al-Dahoud , Darah Aqel , Hani Mimi

Paper: Revolutionizing Space: The Potential of Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Ahmed Al-Dahoud, Mohamed Fezari, Ali-Al-Dahoud, Darah Aqel, Hani Mimi

Paper: Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy (LPAS) in the context of biomedicine
Authors: Cristina Popa, Mioara Petrus, Ana-Maria Bratu

Paper:Urban air pollution Authors: laser photoacoustic spectroscopy and simplified numerical modeling of gas pollution in urban canyon
Authors: Mioara Petrus, Cristina Popa, Ana-Maria Bratu

Paper: Engineering Laser Systems for Defence Applications
Authors: Ana-Maria Bratu, Cristina Popa, Mioara Petrus, Mihaela Bojan

Paper: Railway Systems “Vehicle-Track”: Relation between the spectral density of Excitation vs of Response
Author: Konstantinos Giannakos

Paper: Concept-based Extension of SKOS Defense Controlled Vocabulary: Techniques and Implications
Authors: Pericles Stavros Giannaris, Nikolaos Doukas, Nikos E. Mastorakis

Paper: Satire Detection in Images using Convolutional Neural Networks
Authors: Janet Jiang, Amanda Chioi, Eva Tuba, Milan Tuba

Paper: The Importance of Inner Speaking in Improving the Actors’ Emotional Impact of the Voice
Authors: Costin Andrei Bratan, Andreea Marinescu, Elena Terecoasa, Ana Voichita Tebeanu, Bogdan Morosanu, Eduard Franti, Monica Dascalu, Alexandra Andrei, Claudia Tocila-Matasel, Bogdan Ionescu, Gheorghe Iana, Ana Maria Oproiu, Gabriela Iorgulescu

Paper: Mirror Neurons cannot be Fooled Authors: Artificial Voices – a study using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
Authors: Costin Andrei Bratan, Andreea Marinescu, Elena Terecoasa, Ana Voichita Tebeanu, Bogdan Morosanu, Eduard Franti, Monica Dascalu, Alexandra Andrei, Claudia Tocila-Matasel, Bogdan Ionescu, Gheorghe Iana, Ana Maria Oproiu, Gabriela Iorgulescu

Paper: Electronic Structure Studies with Spin-Orbit Coupling Effect of the Molecule TlI
Authors: Ghina Chamieh, Lokman Awad, and Mahmoud Korek

Paper: MTHFR C677T Gene polymorphism and association with disorders
Authors: Aleena Parveen Shaikh, Kristina Makharadze, Marina Nagervadze, Marina Koridze, Rusudan Khukhunaishvili, Salome Glonti

Paper: Mathematical insights for advanced ice-clamping control in the context of Industry 4.0
Author: Paolo Mercorelli

Paper: Application of Linear Discriminant Analysis and k-Nearest Neighbors techniques to recommendation systems
Authors: Javier Bilbao, Imanol Bilbao

Paper: A Comprehensive Analysis into the Effects of Quasiperiodicity on the Swing Equation
Authors: Anastasia Sofroniou, Bhairavi Premnath

Paper: Estimating the Permeability of Barrier Polymers to Chemical Warfare Agents
Authors: Alex Bicket, Vivian Lau and Jules Thibault

Paper: “It’s time!” A Portuguese application for helping seniors with their medicines: A preliminary Study
Authors: Tânia Rocha, Diana Carvalho, Arsénio Reis, João Barroso

Paper: Crop area management based on fuzzy analysis of historical sensor readings combined within a unified IoT platform
Authors: Elchin Aliyev, Ramin Rzayev, Abulfat Rahmanov, Askar Almasov

Paper: Optimization of Fuzzy Regression Transfer Learning Using Genetic Algorithm for Cross-Domain Mapping
Author: Mengchun Xie

Paper: Automatic crack growth simulation in 2D elastic solids under mixed modes using dual integral equations method
Author: Ajani Ausaru

Paper: Equilibrium Solutions of a Modified SIR Model with Vaccination and Several Levels of Immunity
Author: Flavius Guias

Paper: Comparative analysis of nonlinear models developed by means of machine learning algorithms
Author: Dijana Oreski

Paper: Introducing Computational Thinking and Algebraic Thinking in the European Educational Systems
Authors: Javier Bilbao, Eugenio Bravo, Olatz Garcia, Carolina Rebollar, Asta Jankauskiene, Valentina Dagiene, Vaida Masiulionyte- Dagiene, Mikko-Jussi Laakso, Heidi Kaarto, Daranee Lehtonen, Marika Parviainen, Ismail Guven, Yasemin Gulbahar, Zsuzsa Pluhar, Pal Sarmasagi, Arnold Pears, Fatma Ozdemir Oncul, Nilufer Tan Yenigun

Paper: Classification of Data Based on Fuzzy Logic Concepts
Author: Amaury A. Caballero,

Paper: Design a Solar Photovoltaic Tracking System for a Sustainable Approach to Electricity Production
Authors: Hassan Abdulmouti, Zakwan Skaf, Fady Alnajjar, Rasha Abousamra, and Ahana Fatima Alex

Paper: Toward Geometric Interpretation of Generalized Frequency
Author: Kota Horizumi

Paper: Orthogonal Geometry on Generalized Frequencies
Authors: Yuichi Hasegawa, Kota Horizumi

Paper: Vaccination strategies based on a mathematical model of epidemics considering the age structure of the population
Authors: Maciej Urban, Julia Jodlowska, Joanna Balbus, Krystian Kubica

Paper: Cluster Metric Sensitivity to Irrelevant Features
Authors: Miles McCrory, Spencer Angus Thomas

Paper: Combination Synchronization of Fractional Systems Involving the Caputo-Hadamard Derivatives
Authors: Abdelhameed M. Nagy, Abdellatif Ben Makhlouf, Abdulaziz Alsenafi, and Fares Alazemi

Paper: The Influence of Well-being, Empowering Leadership, and Career Development on Work Engagement in Generation Z in Indonesia
Authors: Indah Oktavia Nugraha, Alfira Maharani, Muhammad Fhadil Arsan

Paper: The Influence Of Security And Privacy On Gen Z Trust On Indonesian E-Commerce
Authors: David Tjahjana, Diena Dwidienawati, Adam Hakim, Alfredo Rivera, Nilson Tandiono Yudha Ardika

Paper: Extreme events in coupled Lienard systems
Authors: S. Leo Kingston, Suresh Kumarasamy, Tomasz Kapitaniak

Paper: Synchronized Control of Robotic Arm Based on Virtual Reality and IMU Sensing
Authors: Chih-Jer Lin, Ting-Yi Sie, Yu-Sheng Chang

Paper: Development of Annulus-Object Random Bin Picking System Based on Rapid Establishment of RGB-D Images
Authors: Bo-Rui Zhu, Jin-Siang Shaw, Shih-Hao Lee

Paper: Neural Implants for the Neuroprosthesis' Radio Communication with the Patient Nervous System
Authors: Eduard Franti, Octavian Narcis Ionescu, Carmen Moldovan, Silviu Dinulescu, Marian Ion, Monica Dascalu, Costin Andrei Bratan, David Dragomir, Carmen Mihailescu, Ioan Lascar, Ana Maria Oproiu, Tiberiu Paul Neagu, Ruxandra Costea, Gabriela Ionescu, Vlad Carbunaru

Paper: Exploring Machine Learning Hypothesis Testing
Author: Ghazi Alkhatib

Paper: Student perceptions of difficulties in the thesis-development process
Author: Luz Sussy Baynova

Paper: Nano Generalized Star Semi Separation Axioms in Nano Topological Spaces
Author: Raja Mohammad Latif

Paper: Maximum Likelihood Parameter Estimation for the Exponentially-Modified Logistic Distribution Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Authors: Adi Omaia Faouri, Pelin Kasap

Paper: The Hermite-Birkhoff Problem and Local Spline Approximation
Author: I.G.Burova

Paper: Nano θΓ*s Separation Axioms in Nano Topological Spaces
Author: Raja Mohammad Latif

Paper: John von Neumann 1903-1957
Author: Prof. Dr. Imre J. Rudas, DSc, Dr.h.c. mult.
IEEE Life Fellow, IFSA Fellow

Paper: Studying the efficiency of geopolymer composite in advanced treatment of oil produced water
Authors: Abdelbasat A. Kazouri, Laila Houd, Muna Hassan Bek

Paper: Visible Light Communication based on chaos encryption scheme
Authors: Huda Kadhim Rumuh, Ibraheem Abdullah Merdaas

Paper: Three-Phase Distortion Analysis Based on Space-Vector Locus Diagrams
Author: Diego Bellan

Paper: A Flexible Multidirectional Thermal Flow Sensor
Authors: Dimitris Barmpakos, Ioannis Th. Famelis, Anastasios Moschos, Damianos Marinatos and Grigoris Kaltsas

Paper: Risk Analysis at the Energy Production Unit of "AHS" Keratea-Lavrio
Authors: Ploutarchos N. Kerpelis, Andriani-Christine Argyriou, Dimitrios E. Alexakis and Vasileios Kotinas

Paper: Enhancing Training Outcomes: Boosting Novice Player Engagement and Expertise through Gamification in Serious Games
Author: Alexandros Gazis

Paper: Government incentives and individuals characteristics in the decision to become entrepreneur
Authors: Carlos Gomes, Vítor Braga, Aldina Correia

Paper: A study on production process control and intelligence optimal structure system analysis using robot control systems
Authors: Kim ByeongSam and Choi Haksu

Paper: Design of a controlled defence vocabulary: encoding terms from NATO press releases
Authors: Pericles Stavros Giannaris, Nikolaos Doukas

Paper: Security of clusters: A Review
Authors: Maksim Sharabov, Georgi Tsochev, Roumen Trifonov

Paper: Bibliometric Analysis of Research on Teachers' burnout levels
Authors: Mehmet Sahin, Nur Sahin

Paper: Laplace Method for calculate the Determinant of cubic-matrix of order 2 and order 3
Authors: Orgest Zaka, Armend Salihu

Paper: Flying By ML - CNN Inversion of Affine Transforms
Author: L. Van Warren

Paper: Multi level electro-thermal simulation of power PCB electronic modules for motor driving
Authors: Konstantin O. Petrosyants, Igor A. Kharitonov, Mikhail S. Tegin

Paper: Air Equations of State Evaluation
Authors: Vasileios Moutsios, Dionissios Margaris, Nicholas Pittas

Paper: On the Effect of Flow and Degradation on Hitting Rate of Mobile Nano Sensors in Diffusive Molecular Communication Systems
Author: Gaurav Sharma

Paper:Solutions in the use of Renewable Energy in Small-scale Applications
Authors: Badea Lepadatescu, Flavia Fechete

Paper: The observation of actors’ vocal emotion exercises with deep learning and spectral analysis
Authors: Costin Andrei Bratan, Claudia Tocila-Matasel, Alexandra-Georgiana Andrei, Ana Voichita Tebeanu, Eduard Franti, Monica Dascalu, Bogdan Ionescu, Gheorghe Iana, Gabriela Bobes, Bogdan Morosanu, Gabriela Iorgulescu, Ionut Popescu

Paper:Development of an Intelligent Oil Field Management System Based on Digital Twin and Machine Learning
Authors: Bibars Amangeldy, Yedil Nurakhov, Shona Shinassylov, Samson Dawit Bekele

Paper:Data mining from knowledge cases of COVID-19
Authors: Mariya Evtimova

Paper:Classification of cardiovascular diseases using ECG signals and a Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Cristinel-Gabriel Rusu, Simona Moldovanu, Luminita Moraru

Paper: Development and Evaluation of an Intelligent Control System for Sustainable and Efficient Energy Management
Authors: Nurdaulet Tasmurzayev, Yedil Nurakhov, Shona Shinassylov, Samson Dawit Bekele

Paper: A Review of Open Access Datasets for Water Leakage Detection
Authors: David Barrientos-Torres, Erick Axel Martinez-Ríos, Sergio Navarro-Tuch, Rogelio Bustamante-Bello

Paper: Feature Extraction of Vehicle Vertical Acceleration Signals Performed through the Wavelet Scattering Transform and Machine Learning Classifiers for Pavement Transverse Cracking Detection
Authors: Erick Axel Martinez Ríos, David Barrientos Torres, Rogelio Bustamante Bello

Paper: Battery temperature forecasting method: Li-ion batteries case-study
Author: Arti Khaparde, Vaidehi Deshmukh , Utkarsh Singh , Vidushi Sharma

Paper: Optimisation of biodiesel yield from waste cooking oil using ANN-GA
Author: Ashwani Kumar Dhingra

Paper: Hybrid Metaheuristic for TSP Based Combinatorial Optimization Problems with Multiple Objectives
Author: Sunita Dhingra

Paper: Clarke Circuit Analysis for Space-Vector Ellipse Characterization of Phase-to-Ground Faults in Three-Phase Radial Systems
Author: Diego Bellan

Paper: Perceived and Actual Fire Safety – Case of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Fires in Finland 2015–2022
Author: Vesa Linja-aho

Paper: Design of an Integrated Arrhythmia Detection Model using Connectivity Features and Multivariate Time Series Classification
Authors: Pushpam Jain, Amey Deshmukh, Himanshu Padole

Paper: Reclaiming Metals from Waste Smart Phone Screens using Aspergillus fungus Media
Authors: Hong Hocheng, Cheer Su and Swati Tukaram Gurme

Paper: Smart Safety Zones using Intelligent Surveillance System for Public Crime Prevention and Emergency Response
Authors: S. Hakparn, P. Sinloyma, K. Rattanapratheep, T. Rueangrod, W. Yaemyim, S. Pullteap

Paper: Fe doped SnO2 nanoparticles: Enhancing the photocatalytic hydrogen efficiency, Rhodamine-B dye degradation and visible light absorption
Authors: Aashish Moses, Saroj Sundar Baral

Paper: Stock Price Prediction of Petrochemical Industry using Chemical Technical Indicator, LSTM Model and Sentimental Analysis
Authors: Riyanka Baral, Richa Gupta, Saroj S. Baral

Paper: Numerical Analysis on Stagnation point flow of micropolar nanofluid with thermal radiations over an exponentially stretching surface
Authors: Feras M. Al Faqih, Khuram Rafique, Sehar Aslam, Mohammed Z. Swalmeh

Paper: An approach to generalizing Theory of Games for application at all stages of economic evolution
Authors: Victor Ashikhmin, Vladimir Shabarov

Paper: Chemical Stabilization as a Solution for Under-Liner Co-Barrier and Structural Layer for Landfill Cells in Granular Soils. Case of Study: Sand Stabilized with SS21 Polymer
Authors: Leandro Serraiocco, Carlos Trias

Paper: Batch and Recursive State Estimation: Trade-off in Optimality and Robustness
Author: Professor Yuriy S. Shmaliy

Paper: Autonomous Target Localization and Robot Arm Control Based on Computer Binocular Vision
Authors: Yanxin Jiang, Xiaodong Zhuang, Nikos E. Mastorakis

Paper: Enhancing Condition Monitoring With Virtual Reality Visualization for Industrial Applications
Authors: Ali Mohammed Ridha, Wessam Shehieb

Paper: The Optimal Returns Integrational Network - Orion
Author: Nikos Loukeris

Paper: The Applicability of the Solar Powered Aquaponics Mobile Unit at Sharjah Campus for Sustainable Perspective of Food Security
Authors: Hassan Abdulmouti, Wasif Minhas, Zakwan Skaf,Ahana Fatima Alex

Paper: Building Different types of Objects using data within economic Application
Author: Danut-Octavian Simion

Paper: The stability of the functional equation f(x y)=f(x) f(y)+g(x) g(y)+f(x)g(y) on semigroup
Authors: Karim Farhat, Idriss Ellahiani, Belaid Bouikhalene

Paper: On Quantum Codes over Non Local Rings
Authors: Essaidi Noureddine, Tadmori Abdelhamid, El Abouti Ossama

Paper: State feedback controller of a self-balancing bicycle
Authors: I. I. Siller-Alcala, J.U.Liceaga-Castro, R. A. Alcantara-Ramirez, S.Calzadilla-Ayala

Paper: Uniqueness of Multipliers and Constraint Qualifications in Optimal Control
Author: Javier F Rosenblueth

Paper: Quadric surfaces in terms of coordinate finite II-type
Authors: Hassan Al-Zoubi, Hamza Alzaareer

Paper: Forecasting with Pairwise Gaussian Markov Models
Authors: Marc Escudier, Ikram Abdelkefi, Clément Fernandes, Wojciech Pieczynski

Paper: Model-Based Design and Analysis of an Adaptive Exoskeleton Glove for Remote Rehabilitation: Integrating Computer Vision and Flexor Actuation Systems
Authors: Javier A. de la Tejera, Ximena Sanchez-Sedas, Daniela Chipuli-Silva, Oscar Daniel Cruz-Diaz, Pablo Demetrio Flamand-Reyes, M. Rogelio Bustamante-Bello

Paper: A Hybrid Probabilistic-Fuzzy Programming for Integrated Raw Material Procurement and Production Planning in Post-pandemic Time
Authors: Sutrisno Sutrisno, Purnawan Adi Wicaksono, S Solikhin, and Abdul Aziz

Paper: Curve Identification and Digitization for the Reconstruction of Ship Hulls from 2D Drawings
Authors: Argiris I. Delis, Ioannis K. Nikolos, Eleftherios S. Zografos, Charilaos S. Zografos, Sotirios S. Sarakinos, Alexandros N. Konstantinis, Petros Manousis, Dimitra N. Pochani

Paper: On the Development of a Novel Chatbot Generator Architecture: Design and Assessment Issues
Authors: Christos Bouras, Damianos Diasakos, Chrysostomos Katsigiannis, Vasileios Kokkinos, Apostolos Gkamas, Nikos Karacapilidis, Yannis Charalabidis, Zoi Lachana, Charalampos Alexopoulos, Theodoros Papadopoulos, Georgios Karamanolis, Michail Psalidas

Paper: Deep Learning-based Detection of Greek Locations and Landmarks: Qualitative Analysis of Weakly Supervised Classification and Supervised Detection
Authors: Eleftherios Trivizakis, Thomas Kassiotis, Nikolaos Oikonomou, Ioannis Karatzanis, Ioannis Stefanis, Leoni Chondromatidou, Anastasia Manou, Athena Panagiotidou, Ioannis Papadopoulos, Kyriakos Mamoukaris, Manolis Tsiknakis, Kostas Marias

Paper: An empirical analysis on the impact of remittances on economic growth in the Balkans
Authors: Doris Doda, Mateo Spaho

Paper: Learning to Rank with Weights from Implicit Feedback for Effective Service Recommendations
Authors: Prof. Ivan Ganchev, Xinyi Zeng, Haiyang Zhang, Nikola Nikolov

Paper: Emotions-Based Disaster Tweets Classification: Real or Fake
Authors: Marco Alfonse, Mariam Gawich

Paper: Optimal combination of photovoltaic systems and wind generators in the power network
Authors: Maria Fotopoulou, George Tsekouras, Vassiliki Kontargyri, Dimitrios Rakopoulos

Paper: Introducing "Smart Wireless Physical Switches" for Custom App Development
Authors: Nikolaos Papastamatiou, Alexandros Agrafiotis, Alexandros Sofios, Stelios Axiotopoulos, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Nikolaos V. Karadimas

Paper: Multiple Subset Problem as an encryption scheme for communication
Authors: Yair Zadok, Nadav Voloch, Noa Voloch Bloch, Maor Meir Hajaj

Paper: Dynamic Performance of High-Voltage Direct Current Systems for Offshore Wind Farm Based on Modular Multilevel Converter
Authors: Djehaf mohammed Abdeldjalil, Djilani Kobibi Youcef Islam, Khatir Mohammed

Paper: RF Energy Harvesting from Ambient AM Radio Broadcasting Signals for Low-Power Applications
Authors: Manolis G.Tampouratzis, Demosthenes Vouyioukas, Traianos Yioultsis, Dimitrios Stratakis, Nikos Mastorakis

Paper: Convex Optimization in nonlinear predictive control based on fractional hammerstein model
Authors: Wassila Chagra, Chouaibi Dhouha

Paper: Integrated system supporting the obstetrics-gynecology domain
Authors: Roberd Bernad, Elena Bernad, Marious Bernad, Daciana Petca

Paper: Greenhouse Gases Time Series Forecasting using an Improved Hybrid Model Based on Discrete Wavelet Decomposition and Support Vector Regression (DWT-SVR)
Authors: Messaoud Djeddou, Jehad Al Dallal Aouatef Hellal, Ibrahim A. Hameed

Paper: An Optimized Stacking Ensemble Learning Model Using 3-Pyramids Technique for the 2006 CHF Groeneveld Look Table Prediction
Authors: Messaoud Djeddou, Jehad Al Dallal, Aouatef Hellal, Ibrahim A. Hameed, I. Loukam, Md F. Kabir, and M. Bouhicha

Paper: Designing a Cloud-Based MES-SaaS Platform Model in Precision Machining
Authors: Yeji Do

Paper: Nanoparticle Number and Nearest Neighbor Distance Effects on Simulations of Cobalt Catalysts Hysteresis Loop
Authors: Alexandra Barmpatza, Anargyros Baklezos, Ioannis Vardiambasis, Christos Nikolopoulos

Paper: Impact of Indexes on Stock Market Prices of Banks during Financial Crises
Author: Nursel Selver Ruzgar

Paper: Investigation of Low-Frequency Acoustic NDE to Detect Delaminations in Multilayer Polymer-Composite Structures
Authors: Sergey Shevtsov, Valery Chebanenko, Natalya Snezhina

Paper: Application of bilateral hybrid methods to solve initial-value problems for integro-differential equations.
Authors: Vagif Ibrahimov, Mehriban Imanova, Galina Mehdiyeva, Xiao Guang Yue, Mohammed K.A.Kaabar, Davron Jurayev

Paper: Lambda Architecture Based Big Data System for ADS-B Data Processing
Authors: Mustafa Umut Demirezen, Tuğba Selcen Navruz

Paper: On cocycle construction of S3 and the Hirzebruch surface W1
Authors: Hideya Hashimoto, Misa Ohashi

Paper: Horocyclic circles and tubes around complex hypersurfaces in a complex hyperbolic space
Authors: Yusei Aoki, Toshiaki Adachi

Paper: Thermal infrared anomalies associated with recent crustal earthquakes in Gorj County in Romania
Authors: Maria Zoran, Roxana Savastru, Dan Savastru, Marina Tautan

Paper: Effects of climate change and urbanization on vegetation phenology in Bucharest metropolitan area
Authors: Dan Savastru, Maria Zoran, Roxana Savastru, Marina Tautan

Paper: Resource Allocations Using Complete Graphs for D2D Communications
Authors: Tsang-Ling Sheu and Yen-Chieh Chiu

Paper: Artificial Olfactory System for Distinguishing Oil-Contaminated Soils
Authors: Dina Satybaldina, Marat Baydeldinov, Aliya Issainova, Olzhas Alseitov, Assem Konyrkhanova, Zhanar Akhmetova and Shakhmaran Seilov

Paper: Semantic Segmentation-based Automatic Wood Cell Detection from Raster Images
Authors: Nicole Christoff, Nikolai Bardonov

Paper: Splines of the Second and Seventh Order Approximation and the Stability of the Solution of the Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind
Authors: I.G.Burova, G.O. Alcybeev, S. A.Schiptcova

Paper: Automatic Triangulation Positioning System for wide area coverage from a fixed network of Sensors
Author: Marios Sfendourakis

Paper: Effects of ICT on the Environment and Indicators for their Measurement
Authors: Radoslav Yoshinov, Rumen Trifonov, Galya Pavlova, Daniela Borissova

Paper: Modelling initial geometric imperfections of steel plane frames using entropy and eigenmodes
Author: Zdenek Kala

Paper: On The Application Of Gibbs Equations In Determining The Relationships Of Vapour Pressures To Phase Diagrams Of The Reactive Chloride Systems
Author: George Kipouros

Paper: Neural Swarm Control Algorithm for Underwater Vehicles
Authors: Piotr Szymak, Tomasz Praczyk

Paper: An Investigation into the Primary and Subharmonic Resonances of the Swing Equation
Authors: Anastasia Sofroniou, Bhairavi Premnath

Paper: Effectiveness Of Using A Digital Tool In Entrepreneurship Education To Increase Entrepreneurial Intention Among Generation Z Business And Non-Business Students
Authors: Kristaps Lesinskis, Inese Mavlutova, Aivars Spilbergs

Paper: Anonymization, Hashing and Data Encryption Techniques: A Comparative Case Study
Authors: Marios Vardalachakis, Manolis Tampouratzis, Haridimos Kondylakis, Nikolaos Papadakis, Nikos Mastorakis

Title: Liquefied Natural Gas supply chain: optimization of operational, environmental and social costs
Authors: Ludovica Adacher, Marta Flamini

Title: Materials for water harvesting collectors
Author: Jakub Wiener

Title: Formation of Medicinal Substances in Nanoforms. The Role of Temperature and Dimensional Parameters
Author: Irina Astashova

Title: Machine learning algorithm to control postal addresses
Author: Mariya Evtimova

Title:Copyright Protection on Electronic Books: Study and Design of a New Approach
Authors: Emmanouil Vasilakis, Konstantinos Karapidis, Manolis Tampouratzis, Athanasios Malamos, Nikos Mastorakis

Paper: ABO and Rh blood group antigens and natural anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the neonates
Authors: Shorena Gabaidze, Marina Nagervadze, Leila Akhvlediani , Nana Nakashidze, Alissar Alfilo, Irine Tsintsadze, Nato Gorgadze, Rusudan KhuKhunaishvili, Marina Koridze, Tea Koiava, Ketevan Dolidze, Tamar Bakhtadze

Paper: A Deep Convolutional Model for Heart Disease Prediction Based on ECG Data with Explainable AI
Authors: Sreeja M U, Supriya M H

Paper: Splines of the Second and Seventh Order Approximation and the Stability of the Solution of the Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind
Authors: I.G.Burova, G.O. Alcybeev, S. A.Schiptcova

Paper: Gradient Mechanics: A Revisit of Classical Laws - Hook, Newton, Fourier and Maxwell
Author: E.C. Aifantis

Paper: Experimental Determination of Grinding Parameters using a Ball Mill with Innovative Lifters
Authors: Miglena Paneva, Peter Panev, Nikolay Stoimenov

Paper: Methodology for 3D scanning of objects
Authors: Miglena Paneva, Peter Panev, Nikolay Stoimenov, Stanislav Gyoshev

Paper: Research on Adapting Sanitizing Robots in Stock Farms Hygiene
Authors: Veneta Yosifova, Nikolay Stoimenov

Paper: Development of Calculation Technique for FEM Thermal Simulation Using Virtual Fluid Elements
Authors: Ikuo Tanabe and Hiromi Isobe

Paper: Conformal Self Mappings of the Fundamental Domains of Analytic Functions and Computer Experimentation
Authors: Andrei-Florin Albisoru, Dorin Ghisa

Paper: Wavelet Method for Pricing Options on Two-Stage Expansion of Investment Project
Authors: Dana Cerna

Paper: Ostensible Metzler Linear Uncertain Systems: Goals, LMI Synthesis, Constraints and Quadratic Stability
Authors: Prof. Dusan Krokavec

Paper: Exploring Synchronization Mechanisms via Bifurcation Analysis - A Unified Approach Across Neuronal, Ecological and Physical Realms
Authors: Lenka Pribylova

Paper: Thermal Conductivities Determination of Synthetic Wood with Recyclable Waste Using Advanced Experimental Method and Numerical Simulation
Authors: Loredana Judele, Ana- Raluca Rosu, Eduard Proaspat, Gabriel Sandulache, Daniel Lepadatu

Paper: Digital Jordan surfaces
Author: Josef Slapal

Paper: Advanced Notebook: A tool for enhanced Management of Machine Learning models and procedures in the Healthcare Domain
Authors: Gabriel Danciu, Irina E. Nicolae, Iulia Ilie, C. Septimiu Nechifor

Paper: Implementation of the Artificial Intelligence for Risk Prediction and Personalized Preventive and Treatment Program – Hospital Medical Specialists Perspective
Authors: Rostislav Kostadinov, Dilyana Vicheva, Lyubomir Paunov, Nikola Paunov, Vasil Topalov, Svetoslav Georgiev

Paper: SmartCHANGE: AI-based long-term health risk evaluation for driving behavior change strategies in children and youth
Authors: Nina Rescic, Janna Alberts, Teatske M. Altenburg, Mai J. M. Chinapaw, Antonio De Nigro, Dario Fenoglio, Martin Gjoreski, Anton Gradisek, Gregor Jurak, Athanasios Kiourtis, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Marc Langheinrich, Elena Mancuso, Argyro Mavrogiorgou, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Roberto Pratola, Jose Ribeiro, Maroje Soric, Fawad Taj, Tuija Tammelin, Martijn Vastenburg, Anna Vilanova, Tanja G. M. Vrijkotte, Mitja Lustrek

Paper: An Evaluation of Machine Learning Models coupled with Powerful Big Data Techniques on the case of Pancreatic Cancer
Authors: Eleftheria Kouremenou, George Manias, Shabbir Syed-Abdul, Dimosthenis Kyriazis

Paper: An Optimized Pipeline for the Processing of Healthcare Data towards the creation of Holistic Health Records
Authors: George Manias, Eleftheria Kouremenou, Ainhoa Azqueta Alzúaz, Pavlos Kranas, Fabio Melillo, Dimosthenis Kyriazis

Paper: Digitalization in Railway Transport as a Factor for Improving the Quality of the Service
Authors: Lily Petriashvili, Zurab Modebadze, Tamar Lominadze, Mzia Kiknadze, Nona Otkhozoria, Taliko Zhvania

Frequency Domain Models for Devices with Variable Input Voltage and Firing Angle
Authors: Alexandru Gabriel Gheorghe, Mihai Eugen Marin, Maria Daniela Dragusin

Paper: Application of Machine Learning Techniques for Software Anomaly Detection
Authors: Veska Gancheva

Paper: Can a Tomato Change the world? - Learn4Earth, an EU Strategic Partnership working with Food and Sustainability in Schools
Authors: Anna Marie Fisker

Paper: Smart Traffic Lights System of Vienna city by
Authors: Maryna Kolisnyk, Christoph Meklenbrauker"

Paper: A Special Interval Newton Step for Solving Nonlinear Equations
Author: Ioannis A. Nikas

Paper: Neutrosophic Decision Making and Assessment
Author: Michael Voskoglou

Paper: About the Tikhonov Regularization Method for the Solution of Incorrect Problems
Authors: V.M.Ryabov, I.G.Burova

Paper: DPP system Model based on enterprise linkage platform in EV battery industry value chain
Authors: Jinyoub Kim

Paper: Energy Consumption Modelling and Forecasting for Commercial Industrial Manufacturing Applications
Authors: Professor Michael Short

Paper: Automatic classification of a full-thickness macular hole in optical coherence tomography images
Authors: Jakob Wassermann, Andrzej Dziech, Remigiusz Haran, Michael Windisch, Jakub Wojniak, Pawel Domin

Paper: Prevention of Transmission of Infections in Robotic Milking
Authors: Dimitar Karastoyanov, Elena Blagoeva, Kancho Peychev, Gencho Valchev

Paper: On Move-To-Front Implementation
Authors: Borut Žalik, Mitja Žalik, Bogdan Lipuš

Paper: A Sample Model for Integrating Decentralized Payment Systems Through Common Gateway for E-commerce
Authors: Vadims Zilnieks, Ingars Erins

Paper: Control of Additive Manufacturing Process Based on FEM Analysis to Increase Productivity and Component Strength
Authors: Miloš Matúš, Peter Križan, Miroslava Švecová, Stanislav Strigáč, Ján Kijovský, Juraj Beniak

Paper: Data Classification Analysis for Alzheimer Disease Diagnostic
Authors: Virginia Valcheva, Olga Georgieva

Paper: Ensemble Transfer Learning for Time Series Forecasting: a Sensitivity Analysis framework for a Shallow Neural Network
Authors: Witesyavwirwa Vianney Kambale, Ali Deeb, Taha Bernabia, Fadi Al Machot, Kyandoghere Kyamakya

Paper: Transformers in Time Series Forecasting: A brief Transfer Learning Performance Analysis
Authors: Witesyavwirwa Vianney Kambale, David Krame Kadurha, Ali Deeb, Fadi Al Machot, Taha Bernabia, Kyandoghere Kyamakya

Paper: Assessing How Large Language Models can be Integrated with or Used for Blockchain Technology : Overview and Illustrative Case Study
Authors: Jean Gilbert Mbula Mboma, Obed Tshimanga Tshipata, Witesyavwirwa Vianney Kambale, Kyandoghere Kyamakya

Paper: Costas Loop for BPSK Carrier Phase Synchronisation Implemented on a SDR Hardware Platform
Authors: Ryan D Amato, Ivan Grech, Owen Qasha

Paper: The fuzzy model for sectoral resilience analysis
Authors: Nedosekin A., Malyukov Yu., Abdoulaeva Z., Silakov A.

Paper: Quantitative Management of Business Disbursements by Portfolio Optimization
Authors: Todor Stoilov, Krasimira Stoilova

Paper: Optimization Models for Urban Traffic Management
Authors: Krasimira Stoilova, Todor Stoilov

Paper: Comparison of K-means, K-means++, X-means and Single Value Decomposition for Image Compression
Authors: Krista Rizman Žalik, Mitja Žalik

Paper: A Boxplot Metadata Configuration Impact on Time Series Forecasting and Transfer Learning
Authors: Witesyavwirwa Vianney Kambale,Ali Deeb,Taha Bernabia,Fadi Al Machot, Kyandoghere Kyamakya

Paper: Production of Parts from Metal Powder - Advanced Technologies
Authors: Dimitar Karastoyanov, Todor Penchev, Vladimir Monov

Paper: Extracting a Mathematical Model from Oil Drilling Data using GMDH
Authors: Amir Mohammad, Reggie Davidrajuh

Paper: A Linear Algebraic Toolbox for Analyzing Strongly Connected Components
Author: Reggie Davidrajuh

Paper: Cracks Classification using Acoustic Emission Technique on a Reinforced Concrete Beam
Authors: Antonella B. Francavilla, Paola Barra, Domenico Rossi, Massimo Latour, Claudio Guarnaccia, Gianvittorio Rizzano

Paper: Design and implementation of a voice assistant to be used in a IoT home automation environment
Authors: Sergio Yahel Torres-Maldonado, David Tinoco-Varela, Raúl Dalí Cruz-Morales, Gonzalo Hedain López-Mera, Diego Sánchez-García, Erick Axel Padilla-García

Paper: Spatiotemporal changes of urban land surface albedo impact on thermal environment in Bucharest metropolitan city
Authors: Maria A. Zoran, Roxana Savastru, Dan Savastru, Marina n. Tautan, Adrian c. Penache

Paper: Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) for Energy Efficient Body Area Network (BAN) Applications
Author: Emil Novakov

Paper: Geomorphological and Sedimentological Indicators of Contemporary Erosion Processes: An Example of the Eastern Rhodopes Mountains (Bulgaria)
Authors: Valentina Nikolova, Radostina Rizova, Veselina Gospodinova, Asparuh Kamburov

Paper: Determination of Flame Plume Characteristics utlising CFD and Experimental Approaches
Author: Neihad Hussen Al-Khalidy

Paper: Sensitivity Analysis of the Calibration of Dataset for a Road Traffic Noise Multilinear Regressive Model
Author: Domenico Rossi, Aurora Mascolo, Claudio Guarnaccia

Paper:Realtime Detection of Table Objects and Text Areas for OCR Preprocessing
Authors: Hangseo Choi, Jongpil Jeong

Paper: Container BIC-Code Recognition Algorithm Based on the Convergence of a 1-Stage Detector and a 2-Stage Detector
Authors: Hangseo Choi, Jongpil Jeong, Seokwoo Yun, Kyunga Bang, Jaebeom Byun

Paper:The dynamic model of the real integrating process with variable coefficients
Authors: Miroslav Palka, František Gazdoš

Paper: Small-signal and Transient Stability Investigation of Inverter Grid Synchronization
Authors: Alexander Schöley, Torsten Jeinsch

Paper: The Microsystem Design of Steering Angle Sensor
Author: Hua Fan

Paper: Numerical and Experimental Anaysis of Massive MIMO Channel Characteristics in a Rectangular Highway Tunnel at 5.9 GHz
Authors: Esteban Egea-Lopez, Jose-Maria Molina-Garcia-Pardo, Martine Lienard, Pierre Laly, Pierre Degauque

Paper: Design and Development of a Multifunction Device for Lead Acid Batteries
Authors: Lubomír Macků, František Gazdoš, Martin Hlavizna

Paper: Extraction of TRMM Satellite Data for rain fall prediction
Authors: Krachache Zahia, Ayoub Atmane, Sarah Benziane

Paper: Pre-trained CNN-based TransUNet Model for Mixed-Type Defects in Wafer Maps
Authors: Youngjae Kim, Jee-Hyong Lee, Jongpil Jeong

Paper: Control Principles of Stationary Articulated Robots Used in Cyber-Physical Factories
Authors: Květoslav Belda, Lukáš Venkrbec

Paper: Particle Swarm Optimisation for Model Predictive Control Adaptation
Authors: Květoslav Belda, Lenka Kuklišová Pavelková

Paper: Deep Learning Electric Load Forecasting for the Greek Power System
Authors: Vasileios Zelios, Paris Mastorocostas, George Kandilogiannakis, Anastasios Kesidis, Panagiota Tselenti, Athanasios Voulodimos

Paper: Flying Carpets: Assessing Artificial Intelligence as an Entertainment Service
Author: Theodoros Anagnostopoulos

Paper: Manueverability of the road train in the System Smart City
Authors: Oleksandr Piskachov, Maryna Kolisnyk, Iryna Piskachova

Paper: The lifetime cancer risk assessment of inhalation of PM-bound carcinogenic components in urban environments
Authors: Constantinos Sioutas, Vahid Jalali Farahani, Mohammad Aldekheel

Paper: On the Discrete Concavity of Packet Reception Ratio Utility Functions
Authors: Evangelos D. Spyrou, Alkiviadis Tromaras, Vassilios Kappatos, Evangelos Bekiaris

Paper: Hazardous Industrial Waste In The European Union
Author: Nivolianiti Zoi

Paper: Numerical analysis of the interaction of Savonius vertical axis wind turbines in tree-type cluster configuration
Authors: Mihnea Gall, Ion Mălăel, Dragoș Preda

Paper: Time Series Satellite Data for Assessment of Urban Air Pollution and Climate Dynamics impacts on COVID-19 transmission in Bucharest
Authors: Dan Savastru, Maria A. Zoran, Roxana Savastru, Marina N. Tautan, Daniel v. Tenciu

Paper: Auto-tuning method for alternating aeration control in activated sludge processes
Authors: Ioana Nascu, Ioan Nascu

Paper: Limitations and perspectives of the Multi Beam Optical FBMC Technology in Optical Fiber Communications
Author: Rastislav Róka

Paper: The Use of Constructive Simulation in the Educational Process of Military Engineers
Authors: Ota Rolenec, Martin Vlkovsky, Martin Sedlacek

Paper: Comparative Design Analysis of Ultra Low Power RF Self-Oscilating Mixers
Authors: S. Fenni, F. Haddad, A. Slimane, R. Touhami and W. Rahajandraibe

Paper: Communication of innovation: focus on Georgian SMEs
Authors: Velga Vevere, Ketevan Rizhamadze, Iveta Linina

Paper: A Swarm-Based Flocking Control Algorithm for Exploration and Coverage of Unknown Environments
Authors: Fredy Martı́nez, Angélica Rendón, Fernando Martı́nez

Paper: The Evolving Returns Integrated System - ERIS
Author: Nikos Loukeris

Paper: Adaptive Function Approximation based on the DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform)
Authors: A. Perez-Neira, M.A. Lagunas, M. Martinez

Paper: Identification of crashworthiness indicators using artificial neural networks on the example of columnar energy absorbers with triggers in the form of cylindrical dents on the lateral edges
Authors: Mirosław Ferdynous, Jakub Gajevski

Paper: A Case Study about Innovative Engineering Education based on Capacitor Charging and Discharging in Circuits & Systems
Author: Hua Fan

Paper: Damage Identification in FRP Composites Based on Elastic Wave Analysis
Author: Sylwester Samborski, Izabela Korzec, Jakub Skoczylas

Paper: Implementation of Topology Optimization into a CAM Simulation of Robotic Machining
Author: Peter Križan, Lukáš Hanko, Miloš Matúš, Ján Kijovský, Stanislav Strigáč

Paper: On New Ideas for Inequalities Analysis: Application of Erro Estimates of Numerical Approximations
Author: Joel Chaskalovic

Paper: Modeling Malaria Disease Spread Using Location-specific Internet Data
Authors: Gbenga Adegbite, Sundey Edeki, Itunuoluwa Isewon, Jelili Oyelade

Paper: The Influence of different seed positions on mechanical properties of Stochastic structures with semi-controlled nodes.
Authors: Inga Kresic, Jasmin Kaljun, Nebojsa Rasovic

Paper: Integrated Modeling and Simulation in IoT Platforms
Author: Ivan Ganchev

Paper: On the Identification of Non-Linear Systems
Authors: Adil Brouri, H. Oubouaddi

Paper: Perception of students on online exams and how sequential exams and the lockdown browser affect student anxiety and performance
Authors: Nursel Selver Ruzgar, Clare Chua-Chow

Paper: Transformational Leadership and Industrial Relation Instruments as determinant of Firm’s Performance mediated by Industrial Relation Climate
Authors: Dyah Gandasari, Diena Dwiedienawati, M. Faisal, David Tjahjana

Paper: On Nonlinear Spatial Vibrations of Rotating Drill Strings under the Effect of a Fluid Flow
Authors: Askar Kudaibergenov, Askat Kudaibergenov, Lelya Khajiyeva

Paper: Impact Of Job Satisfaction, Positive Organizational Culture, And Meaningful Work On Turnover Intention in Gen Z
Authors: Teti Rohayati, Arafita Arkadya Destalani, Hanifah Dwi Arizka Muhammad Daffa Fahrezi, Diena Dwidiena

Paper: What are Digital Skills still Lacking to Survive in Digital World?
Authors: Eric Hermawan; Diena Dwidienawati; Anggraeni Woro Hapsari

Paper: IRI prediction using machine learning models
Authors: Ankit Sharma, Praveen Aggarwal

Paper: A Modified Binary Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm for Feature Selection
Authors: Ranjan Rajesh, Chhabra Kumar Jitender

Paper: Energy harvesting diverse carotene antennas in proton-pump rhodopsins
Authors: Ishita Das, Ariel Chazan, Oded Beja, Mordechai Sheves

Paper: Smart Fibers and Fabric Based Polymer Nanocomposites: Preparations and Its Advanced Emerging Applications
Author: Sabyasachi Ghosh

Paper: Online Detection of Changes in Moment-Based Projections: When to Retrain Deep Learners or Update Portfolios?
Author: Professor Ansgar Steland

Paper: Perception of students on online exams and how sequential exams and the lockdown browser affect student anxiety and performance
Authors: Nursel Selver Ruzgar, Clare Chua-Chow

Paper: Optimal water transfer in a system of interconnected rivers for water resources management
Authors: Ashok K Keshari, Richa Pandey

Paper: Machine learning in Renewable Energy Application: Intelligence System for Solar Panel Cleaning
Authors: Ahmad Al-Dahoud, Mohamed Fezari, Ali Al Dahoud

Paper: X-Ray Images Analytics Algorithm Based on Machine Learning
Authors: Veska Gancheva, Ivaylo Georgiev, Violeta Todorova

Paper: An Mhd Effect Biviscous Bingham Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Over A Stretching/Shrinking Sheet With Velocity Slip and Temperature Jump
Authors: K. N. Sneha, U. S. Mahabaleshwar, Krisztián Hriczó, Gabriella Bognar

Paper: An effect of Brinkman ratio in Boussinesq-Stokes suspensions fluid flow due to a porous stretching /shrinking sheet with heat transfer: Analytical solution
Authors: A.B. Vishalakshi, U. S. Mahabaleshwar, Zainab Ali, G. V. Bognar

Paper: Micropolar fluid flow due to porous stretching /shrinking sheet with mass transpiration: Analytical method
Authors: Rishu Garg, Jitender Singh U. S. Mahabaleshwar Okhunjon Sayfidinov, G. V. Bognar

Paper: Analysis of Modern Security Plugins for WordPress
Authors: Georgi Stoyanov, Adelina Aleksieva-Petrova, Milen Petrov

Paper: Performance of Reduced and Real-Time Models for Simulations of Material Processes
Author: Amir M Horr

Paper: An Integral Equation Approach for Average Run Length of Incorporation of Exogenous Variable in Seasonal Autoregressive Fractionally Integrated Model
Author: Wilasinee Peerajit

Paper: Measurements and mapping natural radioactivity in the city of Najaf, Al-Najaf Governorate (Iraq), by using track detector CR-39 and geographical information system (GIS)
Authors: Lubna A. Alasadi, Ali Abid Abojassim, Michele Guida, Simona Mancini

Paper: Comparison of Radioactivity and Metal Pollution Concentrations in Marine Sediment Samples Obtained from the Aegean Sea (Türkiye) and the Calabria Region (Italy)
Authors: Serpil Aközcan, Simona Mancini, Selin Özden, Valentina Venuti, Francesco Caridi, Giuseppe Paladini, Michele Guida

Paper: Acoustic Emission Technique for Localizing the Structural Damage of Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Beam
Authors: Antonella B. Francavilla, Daniele Pierro, Domenico Rossi, Massimo Latour, Claudio Guarnaccia, Gianvittorio Rizzano

Paper: Development of a pre-diagnosis procedure for the evaluation of indoor radon potential in buildings
Authors: Simona Mancini, Michele Guida

Paper: Diesel and Bi-Fuel Probe Vehicles Noise Emission Assessment as a Function of Speed, Gear and RPM
Authors: Antonio Pascale, Aurora Mascolo, Domenico Rossi, Simona Mancini, Margarida Coelho, Claudio Guarnaccia

Paper: Acoustic Emission Technique for Localizing the Structural Damage of Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Beam
Authors: Antonella B. Francavilla, Daniele Pierro, Domenico Rossi, Massimo Latour, Claudio Guarnaccia, Gianvittorio Rizzano

Paper: Numerical validation of an energetic dam-break induced flow on a bridge cross section using the SPH method
Authors: Giorgia Catherina Goursand-Parente, Salvatore Capasso, Bonaventura Tagliafierro, Corrado Altomare, Giacomo Viccione

Paper: Simplified thermal modelling for optimal thermal control strategy of buildings
Authors: Carmela Concilio, Mario Saporoso, Claudio Guarnaccia and Gennaro Cuccurullo

Paper: Mathematical model for simulations of heat transfer through a conductive pipe
Authors: Eduard Marusic-Paloka

Paper: Optimal and Robust State Estimation: Batch and Recursive Approaches
Author: Professor Yuriy S. Shmaliy

Paper: On the Performance of Extended EWMA Control Chart based on Moving Average Model with Exogenous Variables
Authors: Saowanit Sukparungsee, Yupaporn Areepong

Paper: Analysis Model of Competencies of Graduates in Labor Market Needs by Data Mining
Authors: Chonnikarn Rodmorn, Mathuros Panmuang

Paper: On the Contrrollability and Observability of Heterogeneous Networked Systems with Distinct Node Dimensions and Inner-Couping Matrices
Authors: Aleena Thomas, Abhijith Ajayakumar, Raju K. George

Paper: Analysis of Deep Learning Methods for Cybersecurity in Industry 4.0
Authors: Evgeni Sabev, Roumen Trifonov, Galya Pavlova, Kamelia Raynova

Paper: Innovative Voice-Activated Robots for Computational Thinking Education: Design and Development
Authors: Judy C.R. Tseng, Wei Li

Paper: Portable System for Health Hygiene Monitoring
Authors: Calin Ciufudean, Corneliu Buzduga

Paper: A rational Database based Enterprise Transformation Projects
Author: Antoine Trad

Paper: Local Splines of the Zero and First Degrees, and the Solution of Integral Equation
Authors: I.G.Burova, G.O.Alcybeev, Yunfei Han, S.A.Schiptcova

Paper: The Application of Splines of the Seventh Order Approximation to the Solution of Integral Fredholm Equations
Authors: I.G.Burova, G.O. Alcybeev

Paper: Experimental studies regarding the use of dynamic absorbers in the assembly of engines of vehicles
Authors: Monica Balcau, Felicia Cristea

Paper: On a Structural Approach to the complex Systems Conceptual Modeling
Author: Yury I. Brodsky

Paper: Overview of Taxonomy and Ontology Approaches for the Classification of Blockchain Components
Authors: Pericles S. Giannaris, Nikos E. Mastorakis

Paper: Effect of High Solid Concentration on Friction in a Transitional and Turbulent Flow of Bioliquid Suspension
Author: Artur Bartosik

Paper: Preliminary results on the antifouling potential of copper wire and Dyneema® fiber combined twines for aquaculture net cages
Authors: Alexis Conides, Ilias Kalliasl, Efthymia Cotou, Panos Georgiou, Ioannis Gialamas, Dimitris Klaoudatos

Paper: Cubesats 101: An Introduction to nanosatellites
Author: Maria S. Paschalidi

Paper: Problems causing work-related stress and strategies for coping with stress suggested by nurses during Covid-19 pandemic
Authors: Ljudmila Linnik, Jaana Sepp

Paper: Anatomical inspection of similar articulations in Arabic language using Dynamic MRI
Authors: Rahma M. Tolba, Taha Elarif, Zaki Taha, Ahmed Tolba

Paper: Hemoglobin-based nanogels by electrostatic complexation with chondroitin sulfate and thermal treatment
Authors: Aristeidis Papagiannopoulos, Aggeliki Sklapani

Paper: A Classification Study in High-Dimensional Data of Linear Discriminant Analysis and Regularized Discriminant Analysis
Authors: Autcha Araveeporn, Somsri Banditvilai

Paper: An Adaptive Average Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm for Solving Numerical Optimization Problems
Author: Najwan Osman Ali

Paper: Statistical Time Series Methods for Vibration Based Robust Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Under Uncertainty
Author: Spillos Fassois

Paper: Modelling and Simulation Methods for the analysis of risk and continuity of services provided by operators of national critical infrastructures
Author: Andrzej Najgebauer

Paper: Control of the Geometry of a Railway Track: Measurements of Defects and Theoretical Simulation
Author: Konstantinos S. Giannakos

Paper: Improvement of an object tracking process through filtering methods
Author: Eli G. Pale-Ramon

Paper: DeepNic: a method to transform each variable into an image that can be analysed by basic CNNs
Authors: Nguyen JM, Lucas G , Brunner M , Ruan S , Digonnet H , Antonioli D

Papers: a) Paper: Chemical composition and stocks of nutrients in dead wood of beech (fagus sylvatica l.) forests
and b) Paper: Chemical composition of litterfall in beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forests.
Authors: Violeta Dimitrova, Sonya Damyanova

Paper: Real-Time Local Map Generation and Collision-Free Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Vehicles in Dynamic Environments
Authors: Aristeidis Geladaris, Lampis Papakostas, Athanasios Mastrogeorgiou, Michael Sfakiotakis, Panagiotis Polygerinos

Paper: A framework leveraging robotics and machine learning technologies for early disease and pest detection in greenhouse tomato crops
Authors: Nikolaos Kounalakis, Emmanouil Kalykakis, Dimitrios Kosmopoulos, John Fasoulas, Michael Sfakiotakis

Paper: Automatic Triangulation Positioning System for wide area coverage from a Fixed Network of Sensors
Authors: Marios Sfendourakis

Paper: A Probabilistic Public Key Encryption with Ensuring Data Integrity in Cloud Computing
Authors: Mostefa Kara, Konstantinos Karampidis, Giorgos Papadourakis, Abdelkader Laouid, Muath AlShaikh

Paper: Stability of Multidimensional Systems. Overview and New Results
Authors: Nikos E. Mastorakis

Paper: Assessment of Physicochemical Properties of Drinking Water Quality in Elbasan District
Authors: Marilda Osmani, Belinda Hoxha, Armela Mazrreku, Enkelejda Kucaj, Anira Gjoni

Paper: Statistical Analysis of the Biological and Ecological Aspects of Grinding Fluids on the Quality of Parts Using SPSS Program
Authors: Badea Lepadatescu, Flavia Fechete

Paper: GIS Application for Forest Territories Providing Water Ecosystem Services
Authors: Adelina Aleksieva-Petrova, Nevena Shuleva

Paper: Are you ill? Irrationality Detection in Office Occupants Thermal Comfort
Authors: Evangelos D. Spyrou, Vassilios Kappatos

Paper: A survey on the behaviors and the trip willingness to Japan of Chinese travelers, who are living in coastal area, under the Zero covid-19 Policy
Authors: Fangfang Wei, Noriaki Endo

Paper:Towards Seamless Communication in Capillary Networks
Authors: Aliaa Walid, Samy S. A. Ghoniemy

Paper: Bremsstrahlung: A Novel Quantum Mechanical Approach Based on Fractional Calculus
Authors: Abdul-Wali Ajlouni, Hanan Makallawi, Marzoqa Alnairi

Paper: The sustainability of a building made by using of recycling materials
Authors: Mircea Raul Tudorica, Corneliu Ioan Bob, Mihaela Teodora

Paper: Resilience of Romanian Tourism to Economic Crises – Covid-19
Authors: Ionut-Adrian Draguleasa, Mirela Mazilu

Paper:Noise Assessment during Motor Race Events: new Approach and Innovative Indicators
Authors: Aurora Mascolo, Domenico Rossi, Antonio Pascale, Simona Mancini, Margarida Coelho, Claudio Guarnaccia

Paper: Real-time inspection system based on YOLOv7 for coated high-reflective injection molding product using Moire pattern
Author: OungSub Kim, YoHan Han, JongPil Jeong

Paper: Painting and paint replacement automation system in the spindle line
Authors: OungSub Kim, YoHan Han, JongPil Jeong

Paper:Improved HVDC Reactive Power Control Using Fuzzy PI
Author: Mitchell Boswell, Ehsan Gatavi

Paper: Shore power connections for offshore vessels - Measured noise reduction in port and dock
Author: Bernt Mikal Larsen

Paper: Prototype of project AI4Math: interdisciplinary and innovative technology for accelerated learning of mathematics
Author: Aija Cunska

Paper:Attacks against Machine Learning Models in 5G Networks
Authors: Mikhail Zolotukhin, Di Zhang, Parsa Miraghaie, Timo Hamalainen, Wang Ke, Marja Dunderfelt

Paper: BTEX atmospheric levels and health risk in an urban site in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche
Authors: Evangelina Ramírez Lara, Julia Griselda Cerón Bretón, Rosa María Cerón Bretón, Ulrico Javier López Chuken, Arely Vichique Morales, Martha Patricia Uc Chi, Guadalupe Hernández López, José Ángel Solís Canul, Reyna del Carmen Lara Severino, Marcela Rangel Marrón, Juan Carlos Robles Heredia

Paper: Design and implementation of a real-time anomaly detection system based on YOLOv4
Authors: Doo - Hwan Kim , Yo - Han Han , Jong - Pil Jeong

Paper: Diabetic Retinopathy Classification using Vision Transformer
Authors: A.M. Mutawa, Sai Sruthi

Paper: Design and Simulation of Safe Truck-Cargo Matching System for Rollover Prevention
Authors: Seongjin Oh, Jongpil Jeong

Paper: Design and Simulation of ETL-Free Perovskite/Si Tandem Cell With 33% Efficiency
Authors: Ahmed Saeed, Mohamed Mousa, Mostafa M. Salah, A. Zekry, Mohamed Abouelatta, Ahmed Shaker, Fathy Z. Amer, Roaa I. Mubarak

Paper: Target setting: a case study looking at how greater collaboration can impact the effectiveness of target setting
Author: Aled Williams

Paper: Analysis and development of an algorithm to increase the energy efficiency of electrical street lighting systems using an artificial neural network
Author: Ekaterina Antonova Gospodinova

Paper: Accelerated Quantum Computation based on Quantum Coherent Dynamics of Evanescent Photons in Liquid Water
Author: Luigi Maxmilian Caligiuri

Paper: Improving Functional Connectivity in Developmental Dyslexia Through Combined Neurofeedback and Visual Training
Authors: Tihomir Taskov, Juliana Dushanova

Paper: An RFID Based Access Control System operating with a Computer Program and a Database
Authors: Waly Fall, Djamal Abdoul Nasser Seck, Fabé Idrissa Barro

Paper: Low-Voltage Plasma Generator Based on Standing Wave Voltage Magnification
Authors: Mihnea Antoniu Covaci, Lorant Andras Szolga

Paper: Analysis and Design of a CMOS Common-Source Cross-Coupled amplifier with NMOS only active inductor
Authors: Kittipong Tripetch, Parkpoom Khanthawiworn

Paper: Decision Trees with Soft Numbers
Authors: Oren fivel, Moshe Klein, Oded Maimon

Paper: Analytical model for separated frequency signature of outer race bearing fault from static eccentricity
Authors: Abderrahim Touil, Fatima Babaa, Ouafae Bennis, Frederic Kratz

Paper: The method of network intrusion detection based on descriptive statistics model and Logistic model
Authors: Boya Du, Fei Deng

Paper: An Elegant Method of Analysis for the BJT Amplifiers using Floating Admittance Matrix
Authors: Sanjay Kunar Roy, Kamal Kumar Sharma, Brahmadeo Prasad Singh

Paper: Smart Real-Time Recommendation of Mobile Services
Authors: Ivan Ganchev, Zhanlin Ji, Mairtin O' Droma

Paper: Accelerated Quantum Computation based on Quantum Coherent Dynamics of Evanescent Photons in Liquid Water
Author: Luigi Maxmilian Caligiuri

Paper: Optimal Control for Partial Differential Equations of a Heat Exchanger System
Author: Hanan Rizk

Paper: Machine Learning techniques applied to Road Health Status Recognition through Tyre Cavity Noise Analysis
Authors: Gloria Schiaffino, Lara Ginevra del Pizzo, Stefano Silvestri, Francesco Bianco, Gaetano Licitra, Filippo Giammaria Praticò

Paper: Band Preconditioners for Non-Symmetric Real ToeplitzSystems with Unknown Generating Function
Authors: Thaniporn Chaysri, Apostolos Hadjidimos, Dimitrios Noutsos and Grigorios Tachyridis

Paper: Suitability of 3D printing materials for printing anthropomorphic phantoms: A simulation study
Authors: Nikolay Dukov, Elica Encheva, Kristina Bliznakova

Paper: Computational simulations and assessment of two approaches for x-ray phase contrast imaging
Authors: Kristina Bliznakova, Zhivko Bliznakov, Nikolay Dukov

Paper: A Physical ground for the scaling of Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) with the integral of squared velocity (Ivp^2) and its potential for Earthquake Early Warning.
Authors: Filippos Vallianatos, Ioannis Spingos

Paper: Biometric Identification based on the Multidimensional Transient Functions of the Human Oculo-Motor System
Authors: Vitaliy Pavlenko, Tetiana Shamanina, Vladislav Chori

Paper: Backward iterations for OFIR in discrete-time state-space
Authors: Tianyu Zhang, Shunyi Zhao, Liu Fei, Yuriy S. Shmaliy

Paper: Multilingual Conversational Systems to Drive the Collection of PROs and Integration into Clinical Workflow
Authors: Daniel Hari, Valentino Safran, Umut Ariφz, Izidor Mlakar, Matej Rojc, Gazihan Alankus, Rafael Pιrez Luna

Paper: Splines of the fourth order approximation and the Volterra integral equations
Authors: I. G. Burova, A. G. Doronina, D. E. Zhilin

Paper: Approximation Functionals and Their Applications
Author: Yuri Dem yanovich

Paper: A Topology to generate DC/DC, AC/DC, DC/AC, and AC/AC Converters
Authors: Felix Himmelstoss, Karl Edelmoser

Paper: Cyber Trends in Industrial Control Systems
Authors: Roumen Trifonov,Georgi Tsochev,Slavcho Manolov,Radoslav Yoshinov,Galya Pavlova

Paper: Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Model for Ranking of Web Development Frameworks
Authors: D. Borissova, Z. Dimitrova, V. Dimitrov, R. Yoshinov, M. Garvanova, I. Garvanov

Paper: On one approach to recognizing fuzzy images of faces based on an ensemble
Authors: Y. N. Amirgaliyev, Z. A. Buribayev, Z. M. Melis, A. S. Ataniyazova

Paper: A random forest with minority condensation and decision trees for class imbalanced problems
Authors: Suvaporn Homjandee, Krung Sinapiromsaran

Paper: New Frequency Domain Models for Multiple Port Devices with Variable Firing Angle
Authors: Alexandru Gabriel Gheorghe, Mihai Eugen Marin, Maria Daniela Dragusin

Paper: Comparison of linear and nonlinear models of a switched reluctance motor 8/6
Authors: Jesϊs Daniel Gonzαlez San Romαn, Jesϊs Ulises Liceaga Castro, Irma Irasema Siller Alcalα, Eduardo Campero Littlewood

Paper: Speed control of a SRM 8/6 based on a non-linear simplified model
Authors: Jesϊs Daniel Gonzαlez San Romαn, Jesϊs Ulises Liceaga Castro, Irma Irasema Siller Alcalα, Eduardo Campero Littlewood

Paper: Discrete ARMA Model Applied for Tumor Growth Inhibition Modeling and LQR-based Chemotherapy Optimization
Authors: Sotirios Liliopoulos, George Stavrakakis

Paper: Algorithms for classification of signals derived from Human Brain
Authors: Georgi P. Dimitrov, Galina Panayotova ,Boyan Jekov ,Pavel Petrov, Iva Kostadinova ,Snejana Petrova, Olexiy S. Bychkov ,Vasyl Martsenyuk

Paper: Survey on Using Blockchain Technologies in Electronic Voting Systems
Authors: Vehbi Neziri, Ramadan Dervishi, Blerim Rexha

Paper: A Case Study of Interpretable Counterfactual Explanations for the Task of Predicting Student Academic Performance
Authors: Maria Tsiakmaki, Omiros Ragos

Paper: Solvability of a Hadamard fractional differential equation with Hybrid Hadamard integral boundary value conditions
Author: Habib Djourdem

Paper: Calculation of depressurization coordinate in underground and offshore gas pipelines
Authors: Kurbatova Galina, Klemeshev Vladimir, Philippov Vassily

Paper: Experimental and Numerical Study of the Aero-Acoustics of Flow over Structured Sheet Metals
Authors: Shehab Salem, Karel Frana, Sylvio Simon

Paper: Applying the Experience of Artificial Intelligence Methods for Information Systems Cyber Protection at Industrial Control Systems
Authors: Roumen Trifonov, Slavcho Manolov, Radoslav Yoshinov, Georgi Tsochev, Galya Pavlova

Paper: On the Estimates in Various Spaces to the Control Function of the Extremum Problem for Parabolic Equation
Authors: Irina Astashova, Alexey Filinovskiy, Dmitriy Lashin

Paper: Analysis of Methods for CubeSat Mission Design Based on in-orbit Results of KRAKsat Mission
Authors: Alicja Musiał

Paper: Multilingual Conversational Systems to Drive the Collection of PROs and Integration into Clinical Workflow
Authors: Umut Arioz

Paper: Functional Connectivity in Developmental Dyslexia during Speed Discrimination
Authors: Tihomir Taskov, Juliana Dushanova

Paper: Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Effects in Multilayer Graphene Metasurfaces in Terahertz and Infrared Ranges
Authors: Alexander Lerer, Galina Makeeva,Vladimir Cherepanov

Paper: Crowd Sourcing Dynamic Pickup & Delivery Problem considering Task Buffering and Drivers’ Rejection -Application of Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning-
Authors: Junyi Mo, Shunichi Ohmori

Paper: Effective Rotor Fault Diagnosis Model Using Multilayer Signal Analysis and Hybrid Genetic Binary Chicken Swarm Optimization
Authors: Chun-Yao Lee and Guang-Lin Zhuo

Paper: Minimality of SRPT networks with resource sharing
Authors: Robert Gieroba, Łukasz Kruk

Paper: On the Solution of Fredholm Integral Equations of the First Kind
Authors: I.G.Burova, V.M.Ryabov

Paper: KELM-KPCA method for COVID-19-induced pneumonia detection
Authors: BACHA Sawssen , TAOUALI Okba , LIOUANE Noureeddine

Paper: Information System for Planning Project Activities in a High-tech Enterprise
Author: Marina Batova, Irina Baranova, Oleg Korobchenko and Vyacheslav Baranov

Paper: Identification and control using LSDP approach applied to the PT326 blower
Authors: Marwa Yousfi, Tarek Garna, Chakib Ben Njima

Paper: Minimality of SRPT networks with resource sharing
Authors: Robert Gieroba, Lukasz Kruk

Paper: The features of antigen prevalence of Rhesus system in donor population
Authors: M. Nagervadze, L. Akvlediani, I. Tsintsadze, T. Koiava, R. Loria, S. Tskvitinidze, R. khukhunaishvili, M. Koridze

Paper: Mathematical Models of Microwave and Photonic Devices Engaging Strong Nonlinearities Using Decomposition on Nonlinear Autonomous Blocks
Authors: Galina Makeeva, Oleg Golovanov

Paper: The Role of Fintech Firms in Contemporary Financial Sector Development
Authors: Inese Mavlutova, Tatjana Volkova, Aivars Spilbergs, Andris Natrins, Ilja Arefjevs, Atis Verdenhofs

Paper: IM Multiclass Fault Diagnosis Base on MIV and PSO-BPNN
Authors: Hong-Yi Ou, Chun-Yao Lee

Paper: Lainiotis Information Filter
Authors: Nicholas Assimakis, Maria Adam, Grigoris Tziallas

Paper: A mammographic images classification technique via the Gaussian Radial Basis Kernel ELM and KPCA
Authors: BACHA Sawssen , TAOUALI Okba , LIOUANE Noureeddine

Paper: Poles optimization of MIMO ARX-Laguerre model using genetic algorithm
Authors: Marwa Yousfi, Tarek Garna, Chakib Ben Njima

Paper: The Optimization of Dual Receiver Wireless Power Transfer
Authors: Sabriansyah Rizqika Akbar, Ichijo Hodaka

Paper: Discrete Type SIR Epidemic Model with Nonlinear Incidence Rate in Presence of Immunity
Authors: Tahera Parvin, Md. Ariful Islam, Pankaj Kumar Mondal, Prof. Dr. Md. Haider Ali Biswas

Paper: Heuristic algorithms for surveyor standby location planning with multiple plans
Authors: Rawee Suwandechochai, Wasin Padungwech

Paper: Evaluations of Distributed Computing on Auto-Scaling and Load Balancing Aspects in Cloud Systems
Authors: V.K.Verma, P.Gautam

Paper: Prime Fuzzy Bi Ideals in Near Subtraction Semigroups
K.Mumtha, V. Mahalakashmi, S. Usha Devi

Paper: Art Rendered using Rubik’s Cubes: ARRC 256
Authors: V.Dan, G.Harja, I.Nascu

Paper: Discrete Event Simulations and Digital Twins
Authors: Dmitry Namiot, Oleg Pokusaev

Paper: The Sensitivity of Grid Convergence Index due to Iterative Error
Authors : Adhika Satyadharma & Harinaldi

Paper: Maple Implementation of A Symbolic Method for Fully Inhomogeneous Boundary Value Problems
Author: Srinivasarao Thota

Paper: Estimate of Symmetric 2-adic Complexity of Ding - Helleseth Generalized Cyclotomic Sequences of Order Four With Period p^n
Authors: Vladimir Edemskiy, Oleg Churkin

Paper: Combined PCA-Segmentation Method: An Efficient Technique for Covered Face Recognition
Authors: Md. Mahbubul Alam, Md. Ashikur Rahman Khan, Zayed Us Salehin, Tanvir Zaman Khan, Main Uddin, Sultana Jahan Soheli

Paper :Contributions to driver fatigue detection based on eye-tracking
Authors: Ana-Maria Baiasu, Catalin Dumitrescu

Paper : Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Model for Polar Seas Ice Prediction
Author: Safak Kayikci

Paper: Student Experience and Expectation with E-Learning Modality in Times of Pandemic
Authors: Maria do Socorro Ferreira Ramos and Otavio Paulino Lavo

Paper: Existence results for boundary value problem of nonlinear fractional differential equations.
Author: Noureddine Bouteraa

Paper: First steps toward a simple but efficient model-free control synthesis for variable-speed wind turbines
Authors: F. Lafont, J-F Balmat, C. Join, M. Fliess

Paper: On location-based services build on the close spatial position of mobile devices
Author: Dmitry Namiot

Paper: Stress Classification Using K-means Clustering and Heart Rate Variability from Electrocardiogram
Authors: Mingu Kang, Siho Shin, Jaehyo Jung, and Youn Tae Kim

Paper: Comparative Study between the Electrical Generators Used in Wind Energy Conversion Systems
Authors: Mohamed I. Mosaad

Paper: Development of BIM (Building Information Modeling) concept applied to projects of Substations Integrated with the Geographic Intelligence System (GIS)
Authors: Diogo Martins, Ana Marotti, Alexandre Cardoso, Edgard Lamounier, Gerson Flavio M. de Lima, Andre Luis de Araujo, Claudio Guttler, Ricardo de Oliveira Rocha, Claudia Bartholomeu

Paper: Analysis of Properties of Microstrip Antenna with Altered Ground Plane
Author: Otavio Paulino Lavor

Paper: Developing the Noise Music Trend in Digital Edugaming
Author: Ieva Gintere

Title: Modeling the Effect of Global Warming on the Sustainable Groundwater Management: A Case Study in Bangladesh
Authors: Md. Anarul Islam and Md. Haider Ali Biswas

Paper: Modeling the Impact of Carbon Dioxide on Marine Plankton
Authors: Sajib Mandal, Md. Sirajul Islam and Md. Haider Ali Biswas

Paper: Optimal conditioning circuit for piezo-electric harvesting
Author: Andres Garcia

Paper: Connection setup and traffic aggregation in IP-based Elastic Optical Networks (EON)
Author: Wajdi Halabi

Paper: Arrhythmia Detection Algorithm using GoogLeNet and Generative Adversarial Network with Lifelog Signals
Authors: Siho Shin, Jaehyo Jung, Mingu Kang and Youn Tae Kim

Paper: Comparison of Discrete Fourier Transform and Fast Fourier Transform with Reduced Number of Multiplication and Addition Operations
Authors: Bimal Pal and Pijush Kanti Bhattacharjee

Paper: Experimental Measurements of a Low Power CMOS Analog MPPT Power Conditioning Circuit for Energy Harvesting Applications
Authors: Francarl Galea, Owen Casha, Ivan Grech, Edward Gatt and Joseph Micallef

Paper: Model analysis and simulation on impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the economy: a case study of Thailand's GDP and its lockdown measures
Authors: Chontita Rattanakul and Yongwimon Lenbury

Paper: Neural Network Model for Heart Disease Diagnosis
Author: Seda Postalcioglu

Paper: A Systematic Literature Review on Meta-heuristic Optimization Techniques in WSN
Authors: Omar Gouda, Ali Bou Nassif, Manar Abu Talib, Qassim Nasir

Paper: Classifications of breast cancer diagnosis using machine learning
Authors: Hajra Naveed Iqbal, Ali Bou Nassif, Ismail Shahin

Paper: PID Controller Gains Tuning Using Metaheuristic Optimization Techniques
Authors: Abdallah Y.I Abushawish, Mohammed Moayad Hamadeh, Ali Bou Nassif

Paper:Direct Cum Video Ophthalmoscopic System with Digital Image Processing Techniques
Author: Abhinav V.Deshpande

Paper: Graduate Admission Prediction Using Machine Learning
Authors: Sara Aljasmi, Ali Bou Nassif, Ismail Shahin, Ashraf Elnagar

Paper: Regression Analysis of Solar Flares: A Multilayer Perceptron Approach with Feature Selection Techniques
Authors: Mohamad Tamer Rabie, Ali Bou Nassif, Maha AlaaEddin

Paper: Metaheuristic Techniques in Optimizing Traffic Control Lights: A Systematic Review
Authors: Israa Abu-Shawish, Sara Ghunaim, Ali Bou Nassif, Mohammad Azzeh

Paper: Death/Recovery Prediction for Covid-19 Patients using Machine Learning
Authors: Omar Mohamed Atef, Ali Bou Nassif, Manar AbuTalib, Qassim Nassir

Paper: Weak form market efficiency: A case study of Asia-Pacific markets
Authors: Nattawut Phanrattinon, Yongwimon Lenbury, Masnita Misiran, Nattakorn Phewchean

Paper: Alternative methods to derive the Black-Scholes-Merton equation
Authors: Nattakorn Phewchean, Renato Costa, Masnita Misiran, Yongwimon Lenbury

Paper: Towards a Dynamic Computer Based Scaffolding Framework for Adaptive Learning
Authors: Panayotis Papazoglou, Sarantos Psycharis, Konstantinos Kalovrektis

Paper: A simple model of government rescue package in response to the COVID-19 and bank performance
Authors: Jyh-Horng Lin, Pei-Chi Lii, Fu-Wei Huang, and Shi Chen

Paper: Model for 1/f noise in graphene and in more common semiconductors
Author: Paolo Marconcini

Paper: Circuit Theory Analysis of Parity-Time-symmetric Wireless Power Transfer System
Authors: Yu Jin, Wangqiang Niu, Wei Gu

Paper: A Note on the Cumulative and the Accumulated Hazard Function
Authors: Dejan Skanata

Paper: Prediction of Graft Dysfunction in Pediatric Liver
Transplantation by Logistic Regression
Authors: Krasimira Prodanova and Yordanka Uzunova

Paper: Point Forces and Their Alternatives in Cell-Based Models for Skin Contraction in Two Dimensions
Authors: Qiyao Peng, Fred Vermolen

Paper: From QFT to 2-d Supersymetric TQT:Mirror symmetry between Math and Physic
Author: Durand Philipe,

Paper: Handling Mission Critical Calls at the Network Edge
Authors: Ivaylo Atanasov, Evelina Pencheva, Aleksandar Nametkov

Paper: Blockchain Based Biometric Election System
Authors: Ketevan Tsomaia, Archil Prangishvili, Levan Imnaishvili, Maguli Bedineishvili

Paper: Comprehensive temperature control of a hot metal rolling thickness measurement system
Authors: Sergey Dvoynishnikov, Vitaly Rakhmanov, Vladimir Pavlov, Stanislav Krotov

Authors: Giuseppe Giordano, Serena Mottola, Beatrice Paternoster

Paper: The Minimum Flows in Bipartite Dynamic Networks. The Static Approach
Authors: Camelia Schiopu, Eleonor Ciurea

Paper: Logo Based Amphetamines Classification using  SURF and Bag-of-features model
Authors: Tharaphon Nitijiramon

Paper: Aircraft Segmentation from Remote Sensing Images using Modified Deeply Supervised Salient Object Detection with Short Connections
Authors: Natnicha Meeboonmak, Nagul Cooharojananone

Paper: On approximations of the sixth order with the smooth polynomial and non-polynomial splines
Authors: Irina Burova

Paper: On Adaptive splines
Author: Yuri Dem'yanovich 

Paper: Prediction of Graft Dysfunction in Pediatric Liver
Transplantation by Logistic Regression
Authors: Krasimira Prodanova and Yordanka Uzunova

Paper: Prediction of Graft Dysfunction in Pediatric Liver
Transplantation by Logistic Regression
Authors: Krasimira Prodanova and Yordanka Uzunova

Paper: Singly diagonally implicit multivalue collocation methods
Authors: Dajana Conte, Raffaele D'Ambrosio, Maria Pia D'Arienzo, Beatrice Paternoster

Paper: Aircraft Detection from Remote Sensing Images using Single Shot Scale-invariant Face Detector with Viridis Saliency Map
Authors: Teepakorn Lilek, Nagul Cooharojananone

Paper: Phoneme recognition based on principal component analysis
Author: Xiaodong Zhuang

Paper: Improved combined-dictionary method of the judgment of voiced and unvoiced sound
Author: Xiaodong Zhuang

Paper: Fast Doubling Algorithm for the Solution of the Riccati Equation
Using Cyclic Reduction Method
Authors: Nicholas Assimakis, Maria Adam

Paper: Comprehensive temperature control of a hot metal rolling thickness measurement system
Authors: Sergey Dvoynishnikov, Vitaly Rakhmanov, Vladimir Pavlov, Stanislav Krotov

Paper: A conceptual framework for adaptive security
Authors: Emmanouil Mavrofidis, Achilles D. Kameas

Paper: Deduplication algorithms and models for efficient data storage
Authors: Laura Conde-Canencia, Belaid Hamoum

Paper: Revising Security Protocols against Network Attacks based on Event-B
Authors: Junxiang Zhu , Xiang Zhang

Paper: "Determination of the Pharmaceutical Treatment-Dosage for Cancer Patients Using Non-Linear Optimal Control Techniques"
Authors: Iason Mavromatakis, Sotirios Liliopoulos, George Stavrakakis

Paper: Unbiased FIR Filtering of Uncertain Systems with Randomly Binary-Delayed and Missing Data.
Authors: Karen Uribe -Murcia and Yuriy S. Shmaliy.

Paper: Recursive Algorithms for Visual Target Tracking Under Colored Measurement Noise
Authors: Eli Pale Ramon, Jorge Ortega Contreras, Jose Andrade Lucio, Shunyi Zhao, Yuriy Shmaliy

Title: Parameter Identification and Model Validation for a Compact Fluorescent Lamp
Authors: Alexandru Gabriel Gheorghe, Mihai Eugen Marin, Drago? Bodescu

Paper: GaAs Transceiver for X-band
Authors: Valeri Timoshenkov, Mikhail Bychkov, Maxim Drosdetsky, Alexander Kalyonov

Paper: A Vowel Harmony Testing Algorithm for Ancient Scripts
Author: Peter Revesz

Plenary Talk: Breakthrough Decipherment of Minoan Linear A and Cretan Hieroglyphs
Author: Peter Revesz

Paper: Non-Linear Modeling and Identification of a Permanent Magnet DC Motor
Authors: Candido Arturo Perez Gomez, Jesus Ulises Liceaga Castro, Irma Irasema Siller Alcala

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Paper: Implementation of a Linear PII Position Controller in a Permanent Magnet DC Motor with Dead zone
Authors: Candido Arturo Perez Gomez, Jesus Ulises Liceaga Castro, Irma Irasema Siller Alcala

Paper: Study on “cold” model of the fluidization process of various types of biomass and its mixture with coal
Authors: Rafail Isemin, Oleg Milovanov, Dmitry Klimov, Sergey Kuzmin, Aleksandr Mikhalev, Artemiy Nebyvaev, Yuri Teplitskii, Eduard Buchilko, Anatoly Grebenkov

Paper: Analysis of a Hybrid Overlay/Semi-Passive Backscattering Spectrum Access in Cognitive Radio Networks
Authors: Ahmed Zakariya, Sherif Rabia, Waheed Zahra

Paper: Bayesian Bonus-Malus Premium with Poisson-Lindley Distributed Claim Frequency and Lognormal-Gamma Distributed Claim Severity in Automobile Insurance
Authors: Adisak Moumeesri, Watcharin Klongdee, and Tippatai Pongsart

Paper: The Effect of Tourim Development on Economic Growth in Taiwan: Export Growth as Mediator
Authors: Tzu-Kuang Hsu, I-Hsun Tsai

Paper: Prospective Teachers’ Development of Meta-Cognitive Functions in Solving Mathematical-Based Programming Problems with Scratch
Authors: Juhaina Awawdeh Shahbari, Wajeeh Daher, Nimer Bayaa, Otman Jaber

Paper: Three-channel Laser Diode Driver for Multimedia Laser Projectors
Authors: Svetozar Ilchev, Rumen Andreev, Zlatoliliya Ilcheva, Ekaterina Otsetova-Dudin

Paper: A Trajectory for Advancing the Meta-cognitive Sloving of Mathematics-based Programming Problems
Authors: Wajeeh Daher, Nimer Baya'a, Otman Jaber, Juhaina Awawdeh Shahbari

Paper: Teaching Theory of Probability and Statistics during the Covid-19 Emergency
Authors: Andrea Jahodova Berkova, Radek Nemec

Paper: Harm and Offense: the Conflicting Principles of Freedom of Speech
Authors: Alexandra Gouleva

Paper: Virtual Reality to Promote Real del Monte, Mexico
Authors: Yair Olvera

Paper: Innovative teaching techniques for entrepreneurship education in the era of digitalization
Authors: Inese Mavlutova, Kristaps Lesinskis, Mindaugas Liogys, Janis Hermanis

Paper: Reading-Network in Developmental Dyslexia before and after Visual Training
Authors: Tihomir Taskov and Juliana Dushanova